karibu sana! spots is the travel journal of cora, a student flying to nairobi with mcgill's canadian field studies in africa program in january 2012.
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April 18th 2012

some of mukhtar’s music.

April 18th 2012

between this and salif keita, mali is where it’s at.

Juldeh Camara: N'fa Quartet

April 4th 2012

should just make this a music blog .. here are some arabic grooves for you, too.

Amr Diab: Amarain

April 4th 2012

some lovely music from sénégal:

April 1st 2012

some kendwa rocks beats.

February 20th 2012

the tree hyrax is responsible for a lot of ruckus outside my tent when i’m trying to fall asleep. its rubbery feet and weird looking ears relate it most closely to elephants, except it is small and furry. this is what nighttime sounds like.

nighttime noises: mt kenya forest

February 12th 2012

the ferry to kisumu played music videos. this was one of them. they were all more or less in this same vein.

February 11th 2012

exam day! NUTR 403 final ethnobotany essay in song.

January 6th 2012
time for peace radio

October 31st 2011

September 2nd 2011

travel clinic today.
vaccination report: cora survives while chequebook bleeds.